Book Shape Folding Rechargeable LED Lamp

Book Shape Folding Rechargeable LED Lamp

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Are you a bookworm who likes reading in the dark? You know it's bad for your eyes but getting lost in a good book makes it so worth it. However, that's not really good in the long run, right?

This rechargeable LED lamp has a creative folding design that makes it look like an actual book. It gives off a soft light that is just perfect for when you are reading a book or when you want to create a more relaxing ambiance. 

You can display it on your desk or use it as a centerpiece making for an interesting home decor and improves your overall interior design. The lamp lights up when opened and turns off if you close it like a book.

Take it anywhere with you as it can light up for 8 hours. Your eyes will definitely thank you for it. 


  • Soft Light Effect
  • 0 - 360 degree foldable
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Material: craft paper and maple wood
  • 3 hours charging time
  • 8 hours working time

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